Best Synthetic Winch Rope Reviews 2016


Hello, my name is Daniel, and I decided to create this blog to share my experience with synthetic winch ropes. Don’t be startled by the website name. My friend, who really loves history gave me a domain he no longer needed, so I didn’t have to buy my own. Simple as that. Oh, where was I… yes, I have been in the off-road industry for over 20 years, and I honestly doubt that there is a rope, cable or line that I haven’t at least tried. So take a coffee, sit back and I hope that you will find my experience helpful. Enjoy!


Product Comparison

Product ImageProduct NameWeight (Pounds)Dimensions (Inches)RatingPrice 
Sedeta0.9511.4 x 4.1 x 2.34.5/5$Read-More

Spydura9.220 x 10 x 6.54.5/5$$$$$Read-More

Amsteel111.7 x 7 x 2.24.5/5$$Read-More

Extreme Max0.56.6 x 5.2 x 2.14/5$$Read-More

Rugged Ridge5.722 x 6.7 x 3.54.2/5$$$$Read-More



Advantages of Synthetic Winch Rope Over Steel Cable


Synthetic Winch RopeLet’s start with the basic advantages. The process of winching calls for a sturdy winch rope that can streamline and fast track the process without increasing the danger to off-roaders. For people who are serious off roaders or beginners who wish to explore, a winching rope is a necessary equipment.

After successful application in industrial mining and commercial fishing, both of which require careful handling of a heavy load with safety being a priority, it was but natural for synthetic ropes to take over the winching market. The best thing to have ever happened to off-roaders, synthetic winch rope has the upper hand when compared to a steel cable, while safety being its primary advantage.

When using a winch, synthetic rope can lead to the best possible results and increased productivity. These ropes are lightweight. Their weight is more than 70% less as compared to the regular steel ropes. This difference in weight prevents them from whiplashing in case the rope breaks under heavy load. The steel cables store a tremendous amount of energy under load and in the event of a mishap such as a breakage, there are good chances of whiplashing. This aggressive whiplash may cause injury to the handler or those nearby leading to fatal outcomes. On the contrary, synthetic rope works best as in the case of breakage, it conveniently falls limp on the ground as it does not store a lot of energy while handling tremendous loads.

Created with utmost care and in a crafty braided pattern, these ropes do not have any burrs like steel cable and thus prevent the chances of injury while handling heavy equipment. The burrs in a steel wire can cause injuries to the handler and may lead to mishaps due to strain.

The light weight of the synthetic material is an advantage during the winching process as this leads to less body fatigue and easy handling as compared to steel wires that are 80% heavier than their synthetic counterparts. This is especially beneficial when the terrain is hilly and near water bodies as the synthetic rope floats and is easier to carry in treacherous terrain.

Another advantage is that these ropes lack memory and are more beneficial as they are resistant to kinks and curls. When a steel cable kinks, it becomes unsafe for use again and has to be replaced. The kink in the steel cable increases the difficulty in maneuvering it during extractions and may cause disastrous outputs. The synthetic rope is resistant to kink and curls and thus is easy to work with, making it the best choice for extraction operations.

Ensuring lighter weight, increased productivity, and easy handling, these ropes are a perfect option for rigging vehicle extractions. The 80% lighter weight as compared to steel wires and immunity to burrs and splinters makes them easier to carry and handle adding to the productivity of the winching procedure and increased the amount of line installation in the winch.


Difference Between Synthetic Winch Line, Cable and Rope


Damaged Steel Cable

The synthetic winch line, synthetic winch cable or synthetic winch rope are similar terms of endearment, and they are stronger, lighter and overall better to use as compared to the steel.

Available in multiple vibrant colors as opposed to their steel counterparts, the synthetic ropes are easy to spot and are more reliable. The spot on colors not only break the monotony but also increase safety measures and maneuvering when being handled by beginners.

A synthetic winch line or synthetic winch cable may feature different braiding pattern and coatings to increase the overall productivity and tensile strength of the product depending on the manufacturer. A synthetic rope is more or less similar to synthetic winch line and synthetic winch cable and features a few hairline coating or structural differences, which do not make any significant difference. These terms are basically synonyms.

They are available in a variety of lengths and feature extra valuable coatings that make these cables resistant to chemical abrasions and general degradation due to rough surfaces. Featuring coatings such as high-temperature urethane or samthane, these cables then become resistant to wear and tear and general depreciation due to uneven terrain and repeated use.

Enough with the introduction and let’s dive in into the review part.




Sedeta Synthetic Winch Rope 3/16


3/16 synthetic winch ropeDesigned for easy vehicle extractions, this rope is another one of the great products by Sedeta and is perfect for off-roaders. Capable of bearing high tensions, this 3/16 synthetic winch rope will be a great buy for anything from an ATV, UTV, KFI vehicle, car or motorcycle.

This Sedeta rope is a boon when it comes to safety. Easy to maintain and load, it is more than 80% lighter than a steel cable. The reduced weight plays a significant role in immunity towards whiplash because, in the case of breakage, this rope will just fall on the ground instead of whiplashing back like a steel rope. The average breaking strength of this rope is 4380 lbs which makes it effective in almost every situation.

It includes 1.6 meters of protective sheath to protect against rough surfaces and rugged terrain. The protective sheath increases the shelf life and reduces the chances of wear and tear due to abrasion and friction. Adding to the utility of this product is its reasonable price that provides excellent value for money with its flexible use. This rope is available in a plethora of pop colors that increase visibility at night and in treacherous terrain. When working on unknown trails and uneven grounds, these vibrant colors are easily visible.

This synthetic replacement for a steel rope is immune to splinters and kinks and increases the shelf life of the product. A steel wire is more prone to kinks and needs to be replaced after that whereas synthetic material is not affected by kinks and has increased life as compared to the steel. Adding to the beneficial factors is the absence of burrs that make it easier on the hands of the users and increases the output.

Another advantage is its immunity to rust due to its non-metallic nature. This fundamental property gives it an upper hand as compared to the steel ropes because it is directly proportional to increased utility over a longer period.



Spydura Warn Synthetic Rope


warn synthetic ropeThe Warn synthetic rope can handle tremendous weights and is a wonder product for off-roaders. Spydura synthetic rope has been crafted from the unique and unmatched ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material to offer a better protection against destructive abrasions conditions. In the case of an uneven terrain and rough usage, this ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material protects against wear and tear due to friction and increases the core tensile strength of the rope. Apart from the unmatched material, the rope has been strengthened with an immaculate coating of high-temperature urethane. This coating adds incredibly to its ultraviolet and chemical resistance.

A total length of 100 feet X 38 inches features a coating of black urethane for increased protection against abrasion. It comes in a kit that also includes a ballistic nylon sleeves. This sleeve comes in function as it is temperature resistant and provides protection against common wear and tear. Apart from this, its temperature resistant heat sleeve also prevents hook and hook straps, keeping the rope immaculate and ready for immediate use. The rope comes with a self-tightening rope attachment, which holds the rope secure on the winch when in unexplored trails.

Warn Industries offer this secure rope with a galore of properties in an available length of 100 feet X 3/8 inches diameter length. This diameter can help in including more line in the winch as compared to the traditional steel rope. The user can easily work with this rope owing to its reduced weight as compared to the metal cables. The difference in weight makes this Warn winch synthetic rope a lighter yet stronger option for vehicle extractions.

Designed to be used with winches with 10,000 pounds or less pulling rate, this rope is a better replacement than the traditional steel cable regarding better strength, weight, and utility. This fundamental feature makes it better suited regarding easy handling and dangerous terrains. The flexibility and strength add to the efficiency. This rope comes in an easy to open packaging, which is especially beneficial for beginners. For best results and outputs, you should use it with a polished aluminum hawse fairlead.



Amsteel Synthetic Winch Rope


amsteel synthetic winch ropeThis Amsteel rope is a master creation for serious off-road riders. Designed to adapt to heavy tension, this lightweight rope is a must have. The super strong strength comes from the closely braided pattern that adds to the tensile strength of the rope. U.S made Amsteel Dyneema braid has a higher breaking strength in comparison to the traditional steel rope with an added benefit of half the weight. The lighter weight allows for easy maintenance and increased productivity. If you are a hardcore off-roader, then this rope is perfect for dangerous trails. It’s available in vibrant colors that make it easy to spot, perfect for the dark and treacherous terrain.

This rope comes with 5400 lbs average rated breaking strength and the strong 12 strand single braid pattern has been coated with samthane coating making this winch rope resistant to friction and abrasion wear. This reduces the probability to get frayed and haggard and thus, logically increases its use in and around water areas and rock terrains.

This 50’ X 3/16” diameter rope is forgiving to the hands as it does not get frayed and splintered and thus saves the chances of nasty slivers allowing for better safety.

This product includes 5’ sheath for protection against rough surfaces and increased lifetime from constant friction. The Amsteel winch rope is lighter than the steel lines but still bears tremendous strength for a safe use every time.

Unlike steel, this rope is handy and does not freeze in the cold climate, making it the ultimate companion for vehicle extractions and safety measures. It does not kink and hence can be used multiple times with the same successful results. Unlike the steel rope that has to be replaced when it kinks, the synthetic rope can be deemed okay for long term use.

Resistance to rust is another great advantage of using this Amsteel rope. It can be easily used in water for extractions or in hilly regions. The super strength and non-stretch properties are perfect for rescue situations if need be.

An ideal companion for ATV, truck or other motor vehicles, it comes with a one year warranty that makes this product trustworthy and a dependable companion. The one year warranty is an added feature that ensures further value for money.

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Extreme Max Synthetic Winch Rope


Extreme Max synthetic winch ropeExuding immense tensile strength, this Extreme Max rope can bear heavy loads easily. It is superbly strong and dependable for dangerous expeditions. Easily usable with all ATV and UTV winches, makes it a dream come true for every off-roader. Its versatility of use with any standard winch makes this product by Amsteel one of the best winch ropes available on the market.

Bankable in the toughest of situations, the Extreme Max rope works great owing to its super strength and feather-like weight. More than 70% lighter than a steel rope, it is virtually weightless. Its reduced weight increases the probability of use in water as it floats and comes in handy for water expeditions.

This braided rope has a high strength to weight ratio i.e. 6000 lbs breaking strength. Therefore, it is safe for bearing heavy loads and extracting heavy vehicles. The Extreme Max has a strong core and anti-split properties, which prevent splinters and mishaps when using this rope. The almost smooth finish and absence of burr make it easy to use for beginners as well as experienced off-roaders.

A safer option as compared to chunky metal cables or chains, this 3/16” X 50’ rope with splice is 700% lighter than a regular steel cable. The intricate braided pattern adds to the strength and provides resistance from abrasion and burr. The decreased weight makes maintenance and handling for the user an easy task.

It is also immune to coiling and fishhooks, thus making handling swift and easy even in uneven terrain. A perfect pick for beginners, this product, is an epitome of value for money and is available at a very reasonable price.

It is very high quality and light weight, allowing the extreme comfort. It is also specifically designed to avoid kinks and doesn’t have a memory. That results in a longer shelf life and safe repeated use. On the contrary, if a steel rope kinks, it has to be replaced. This is however not an issue with Extreme Max.

The multiple choices in colors help to spot the rope in the dark and can be easily used by beginners as well.



Rugged Ridge Synthetic Winch Rope


Rugged Ridge synthetic winch ropeAn absolute delight to use, this rope has two fundamental advantages – strength and light weight. Both of these render the product a popular choice of off-roaders everywhere. Constructed from genuine Dynamo SK-75 fiber imported from Netherlands, this rope makes extractions swift and safe. Nuevo fiber is stronger and lighter than the traditional steel wire or other metal alternatives. The braiding is easy on the hands and does not cause any harm to the handler.

Each rope comes with a sleeve that is resistant to overheating on the winch drum and hence diminishes the chances of abrasion and mishaps. A real pick for unexplored trails, this rope, has been woven from twelve UV- treated strands that multiply its strength and result in increased power to weight ratio, which is one of the best features of the product.

The inclusion of black powder coated latched hook, stainless steel thimble adds to the already user-friendly experience. It comes ready to use right out of the package and is a perfect option for beginners as well.

The Rugged Ridge is 40% stronger than Kevlar and unlike steel ropes, it does not store the energy. This factor comes into play when hauling a heavy load. The steel cable stores a lot of energy during heavy load and can result in a violent whiplash when they snap, whereas this rope would just fall limp on the ground and is less likely to cause any severe injuries.

Lighter than the usual ropes, it can easily float on water and makes expedition and spotting easier. It can easily be carried over treacherous topography with decreased probability of a mishap. The product can be used with RTV over any terrain owing to its lighter weight and increased core strength.

Insinuated with anti splinting properties owing to its flexible nature, this rope is resistant to curls and splinters. This reduces the chances of severe injuries to the handler and increasing its lifespan.

Having no memory, the rope is as good as new for the next use. The absence of fish hook formations, splinters and kinks make it easy to use right out of the box. This genuine super strength rope is a perfect replacement for heavy on burr metal ropes or chains.






Amsteel Rope YellowAll these synthetic winch rope reviews outline the advantages of using a synthetic wire in comparison to steel or any other metal ropes for the winching process. The primary reason for this switch by off-roaders is the reduced weight and more strength as compared to a steel rope. A traditional steel rope is chunky and heavy, and this chunkiness leads to reduced output. Any synthetic rope is up to 7 times lighter than a steel rope. This feature is an advantage for extractions and goes easy on the handler when carrying out a task. This is the cause of the strong core braided pattern offering the natural resistance to kinks and burrs.

Of all the above, my personal favorite is the Amsteel Synthetic winch rope. This U.S. made rope features a torque free 12 strand single Dyneema braid, which has higher tensile strength and a higher breaking strength in compared to the other synthetic ropes.

Crafted to bear heavy loads, it features an added coating of Samthane, which makes it more resistant to wear and tear due to abrasion and friction as compared to the other products available on the market. It has an ideal dimension of 50’ X 3/16” and is immune to slivers and burrs. This smoothness in the finish is a great advantage as well, as it reduces the risk of injuries.

It comes with a 5400 lbs average breaking strength and is easily usable with ATV and other motor vehicles. This product includes 5’ sheath for protection against rough surfaces and increased resistance to friction.

An Amsteel is lighter and stronger and comes with a covetable one-year warranty, making this product the right and dependable choice in comparison to the other products up for grabs in the market.